Clayton Schools’ HR department under scrutiny

Luvenia Jackson

Luvenia Jackson

— Clayton County Public Schools Interim Superintendent Luvenia Jackson has ordered an audit of the district’s Human Resources Department to look into changes her predecessor made, a school system spokesperson has confirmed.

It is one of the first major moves Jackson has made after assuming leadership of the district earlier this month, with the order for it coming down on Oct. 3. She has brought back two retired Human Resources employees to look into changes former Superintendent Edmond Heatley made as part of budget cuts.

Former Chief Personnel Officer Jackie Hubbert and ex-Assistant Superintendent of Personnel Ed Scott are conducting the audit, which includes a look at the district’s Management Information Systems Department, said school system spokesman David Waller.

“Human Resources and Management Information Systems have undergone the greatest change in the past few years as a result of budget cuts and so they were the first two areas she wanted to look at,” said Waller.

The examination of the Human Resources and Management Information Systems departments are the first of what likely will be a plethora of audits Jackson orders for school system departments. Waller confirmed more audits are expected to take place after the Human Resources audit is completed, but did not specify in which departments.

This first audit is expected to wrap up Oct. 31, with Hubbert and Scott expected to give Jackson a verbal report on their findings. No formal report to the Clayton County Board of Education is expected, said Waller.

No specific records are being singled out in the audit because auditors are not “looking back” and the inquiry was not prompted by “any allegations or suspicions of wrongdoing,” according to a district response to Clayton News Daily’s questions.

“The audit rather is looking at practices and procedures in the department to be sure everything is in line with updated board policies and state guidelines,” said Waller.

It remains to be seen whether a staff shake-up in either department will follow the conclusion of the audit.

The HR department has seen repeated turnover and changes since Hubbert retired in 2008.

Prior to her retirement, Hubbert ran Human Resources in the district for several years. Her replacement, Larry Conner, was ushered out in 2009 as part of a move to clean out any administrators brought in by former Superintendent John Thompson.

Conner was removed from his Human Resources position and replaced with current Chief of Human Resources Doug Hendrix — interestingly enough — by the district’s last interim superintendent, Valya Lee. During Heatley’s administration, which began in 2009, the department’s structure and employee makeup was changed multiple times.

“Unless the auditors stumble across something unexpected, we do not anticipate any reorganization or personnel changes in the Department of Human Resources,” said Waller.


ClaytonTaxpayer 3 years, 1 month ago

If Clayton County Schools pays a consultant fee to these two retirees for an audit, then as a taxpayer I will be requesting a paper copy of their findings. There is absolutely NO WAY my hard earned tax dollars will be used to "pay" for findings that I can not see. How will CCPS measure the deliverables if there is no report? I am putting you on notice-- document the work or risk being called out. Also, what is the point of not examining personnel files; records from interviews; credentials of HR employees; policies and procedures, compensation history and schedule; etc. As part of the inquiry, ALL of these need to be examined. News Daily, why are you not asking the questions about measuring deliverables? What are the goals of the inquiry and how will they be measured? How will you know your inquiry is successful if you don't have goals? Okay Clayton taxpayers -- let's wake up!!!!!


ClaytonTaxpayer 3 years, 1 month ago

M. Jackson, if there is an audit and public money is used to pay for it, then those who paid for it are entitled to review it. News Daily, please make the request on behalf of taxpayers. There is no such thing as a "verbal deliverable".


Lunchman 3 years, 1 month ago

The HR department was hand picked and ran by the former leader. Now that the head has been cut off, the rest is having a problem. Funds from several areas have been mishandled and used for the wrong reason. When it takes HR two weeks to decide about a hew hire, or about moving people around, it just shows how inept they are. Special Education money was misused. USDA funds for the school nutrition department is missing. There should be an audit of all areas - and soon.


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