‘Walking in Victory’

Diana Galloway knows the horror of battling breast cancer. She’s been in remission for a year.

“I was scared, but I knew my faith, God, support from my family and friends were going to bring me through,” said Galloway.

To celebrate her remission, she asked her fellow church members at Jonesboro’s Divine Faith Ministries International to join her in the 2012 Susan G. Komen 5K Walk at Centennial Park, in Atlanta.


Photos by Jeylin White Members of Divine Faith International Church, in Jonesboro, prepping to walk in the Susan G. Komen 5k Walk at Centennial Park in Atlanta.

According to Kim McNair, event and marketing specialist, this was the first time the ministry had ever participated in a event like this.

“This is momentous for our church, considering we have a lot of members who attend that are breast cancer survivors or currently fighting the disease,” said McNair. Galloway added that McNair was also influential in making sure all the members got registered for the walk.

Scores of members, including Bishop Donald E. Battle, joined thousands of other supporters on a sunny Saturday morning at Centennial Park to walk a little more than 3 miles hand in hand, in the fight against breast cancer.

“It’s important that we show our support to those who are being affected by this disease,” Battle shared with his congregation. “Breast cancer not only affects the person going through it, but also those around them. I’m glad we’re all here.”

Galloway has been a member at Divine Faith since 1999. It was five years ago, on a routine doctor’s visit, when she found out she had cancer.

“It was the longest week of my life, so many thoughts started racing through my mind,” she said. She endured six dreadful surgeries. Apparently, breast cancer runs in her family. She had a cousin who recently passed away. However, for Galloway she knew she needed to fight to live for husband Bonnor, her three children and four grandchildren.

“I was not going to let this defeat me, but I was going to do everything I could to help bring awareness about breast cancer,” said Galloway.

She said she works as an advocate, especially at her church, urging women and men to get themselves checked.

“Early detection can help save a lot of lives,” she said.

McNair said they currently have about 20 members who are either going through the fight or are in remission. She said the church is working toward starting a support group for members that are dealing with cancer or any other ailments.

Divine Faith also held a special Sunday service in which they gave special presentations to those who participated in the walk. They also honored all the breast cancer survivors and those currently fight the disease.

“When you are going through a tough time like fighting cancer, you need the support of others who can understand what you are going through,” said McNair.