Bomb threat suspect arrested

SWAT answers gas station incident

Chanthaked  Vanhvilay

Chanthaked Vanhvilay

REX — A man threatening to blow up a gas station in Rex was arrested after a standoff with Clayton County Police.

Clayton Police officer C. Ashmore said the incident took place Monday at 2:41 p.m., at the Valero gas station/convenient store located at 6550 Georgia Highway 42 in Rex.

Police received a call about a suspicious person loitering there.

“Basically, there was a man in the store continuing to ask about the time,” Ashmore said. “Witnesses stated they heard the male say that he had an explosive device. He was carrying bags on or about his person.”

Ashmore said when the man said he would set the bomb off, all of the occupants in the store left.

When police responded to the 911 call about the bomb threat, they closed off a portion of Interstate 675, near Georgia Highway 42 bridge.

“We evacuated the area near the store,” Ashmore said. “The bomb squad was called out and they searched the store. Around the time the unit was searching, we located the suspect inside the store’s bathroom.”

Police arrested Chanthakeo Vanhvilay, 31, of 1127 North Parkwood Drive, in Forest Park, after Clayton County Police SWAT negotiators were able to talk him out of the store, Ashmore added.

Vanhvilay was charged with making terrorist threats and acts, obstruction of an officer, reckless conduct and giving a false name.