Morrow Police, GSP seeking same suspect

Police warn people helping suspect hide

Damion Ramsey

Damion Ramsey

A man allegedly involved in a recent hit and run is now a stolen car suspect, too.

The Georgia State Patrol (GSP) said Tuesday it will issue warrants for Damion Akeem Ramsey, 23, of Jonesboro, charging him with stealing a car that Morrow Police say was later involved in a hit-and-run accident they are investigating.

Morrow Police Detective Sgt. Larry Oglesby said his department wants to talk to Ramsey about an auto accident which occurred at 2:58 p.m., on Oct. 16, at the intersection of Lake Harbin Road and Peacock Boulevard, in Morrow. Police say Ramsey was driving a burgundy Dodge Ram pickup truck when it collided with a Ford Expedition.

That burgundy pickup is the same car a GSP trooper identified as stolen only 10 minutes earlier. Oglesby said before the accident, the pickup truck was spotted by a GSP officer at the McDonald’s restaurant located at 2125 Mount Zion Parkway in Morrow.

“A trooper’s tag reader alerted on the stolen vehicle on Oct. 16, at the Mt. Zion McDonald’s,” said GSP spokesperson Gordy Wright. “When the trooper exited the patrol car, the driver fled the scene in the vehicle and the trooper lost contact.”

The GSP trooper found Ramsey at 2:48 p.m., and lost contact after the vehicle left the parking lot, continued Wright. According to Morrow Police, the hit-and-run accident occurred 10 minutes later.

Morrow police have charged Ramsey with failure to stop/report an accident, leaving the scene of an accident and running a red light. They are looking to arrest anyone who helps the suspect avoiding capture. Oglesby said people hindering the hit and run investigation will also be subject to charges.

“Once Ramsey has been arrested, we are looking into who the individuals are helping him to elude capture,” Oglesby added.

GSP says it will charge Ramsey for fleeing and attempting to elude and stolen vehicle charges, Wright added.

“Witnesses said the pickup truck was traveling at a high rate of speed north on Peacock Boulevard when it ran a red light at the intersection and then hit the Ford Expedition,” Oglesby said. “Then the Ford spun around about three times then flipped over rolling down the hill and landed upright on Lake Harbin Road. Witnesses tried to get [the driver] out of the SUV but were unable to get the victim out of the vehicle. Morrow Fire and EMS cut her out of the car. She was transported to Atlanta Medical Center.”

Another unidentified witness working in her yard told police she saw the pickup truck when it sped away from the crash.

“Witness ... said she saw the [Ford Expedition] go up into the air and finally come to rest with the driver screaming loudly,” according to the police report.

Morrow investigators were able to follow the pick-up truck route by the fluid loss. They lost track of it in the area of Anvil Block Road near the Walmart.

The victim, whom police also declined to identify publicly, has since been released from the hospital and is recovering at home, Oglesby added.

According to the sergeant, Ramsey has been arrested before on numerous charges.

On Jan. 4, 2007, he was arrested for criminal trespassing, on April 7, 2007, he was arrested for a possession of a knife in attempt to commit certain felonies. Ramsey was arrested on March, 5, 2010, for possession of marijuana, and also for carrying a concealed weapon.

Morrow Police are asking anyone with information on the whereabouts of Ramsey or the burgundy Dodge Ram pickup truck to call 770-961-4006 or 911.