Two men indicted for Jonesboro hotel murder

JONESBORO — A Clayton County Superior Court grand jury indicted two men for killing a man at a Jonesboro hotel.

Police say Ballard Chaz Jensen and Singlee Soun were captured on the Econo Lodge hotel surveillance camera on Feb. 23, 2011.

Jensen and Soun are accused of shooting James Gavin Johnson with a handgun and a rifle, at the hotel. Econo Lodge hotel is located at 340 Upper Riverdale Road in Jonesboro.

Both men were indicted on 12 counts, which included two counts of malice murder, three counts of felony murder, three counts of aggravated assaults and four counts of possession of a weapon during the commission of a crime.

“The accused was seen on video running out of the room where the victim was found in a pool of blood immediately after gun shots were heard coming from the room,” the warrant states. “The accused was carrying a handgun and was accompanied by another suspect who was carrying a rifle. A witness verified being with the accused at the hotel near the time of the shooting.”