Obama speech: 'It was very powerful'

President fires up supporters to conclude convention

Photo by Curt Yeomans
Jonesboro resident Rachel Butler (left) and Stockbridge Barbara Arradondo applaud for speeches given Thursday night during the Democratic national convention. Southern Crescent Obama supporters held a convention watch party in Jonesboro to see the president address the convention.

Photo by Curt Yeomans Jonesboro resident Rachel Butler (left) and Stockbridge Barbara Arradondo applaud for speeches given Thursday night during the Democratic national convention. Southern Crescent Obama supporters held a convention watch party in Jonesboro to see the president address the convention.

JONESBORO — Lorette Batiste said President Barack Obama took her on a time traveling trip Thursday night when he delivered his speech to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte.

Batiste, who is the deputy regional field director for Obama’s campaign office in Clayton County, said she was reminded of a time when he only was a candidate seeking a first term with a message of hope.

He stirred up those same feelings within her this week when he talked about the country being able to meet and solve any challenges and problems it faces, she said.

“The speech re-ignited the Democratic party,” said Batiste. “It gave me that feeling — like it was back in 2008 — like there’s nothing we can’t do. We can accomplish anything because we are united together as a group. We are united together as a people.”

Batiste and other Obama supporters from across the Southern Crescent gathered at the president’s campaign office in Jonesboro Thursday night to hear him make his case for re-election. Thirty-three people huddled together in a corner of the office, giving the gathering a quaint feeling like a group of friends had gathered in a living room to watch the speech.

During his speech, the president called on Americans to “rally around” goals his administration has for improving manufacturing, energy, education and national security, while also reducing the national debt. “That’s what we can do in the next four years and that is why I’m running for a second term as president of the United States,” he said.

Rachel Dauphin said the speech made her emotional, particularly when the president addressed the hot button topics of immigration and health care reform.

“I had to fight back tears throughout the entire thing because it was very moving,” said Dauphin, whose family has had to deal with immigration issues. “A lot of the things he had to say about immigration law were very important to me.”

Riverdale resident Frances Gordon-Dixon added, “He really made his case for a choice” between himself and Republican candidate Mitt Romney.

Batiste said she felt it was one of the best speeches of Obama has ever given.

“I think it was very powerful,” said Batiste afterward. “Like he said, when he started out in 2004, he was a young man, and we’ve all grown and evolved. As a president of the United States, it’s about taking charge ... For me personally, it was probably on the same level of the speech he gave in 2004, when he talked about the audacity of hope because this is about giving people that hope back.”

After the speech ended, she urged attendees at the watch party to remember what Obama said, and work hard to get him re-elected. Their singular goal should be to “win in 2012,” she said.

“We’ve got 60 days to get it done,” said Batiste. “We’ve got to knock on those doors. We’ve got to call everybody that we know. We’ve got to walk these streets and inform them of the right and the wrong.”

Like Batiste, Stockbridge residents Barbara Arradondo and Janet Jenkins said they felt Obama gave the kind of speech that will “fire up” the Democratic base as it heads into the final two months of the 2012 presidential election season.

“I expected brilliance and I got it,” said Jenkins.

Arradondo added, “I think the Republicans have got something to worry about.”

Jenkins echoed the comments Obama made about turning the nation around not being an easy process. She said it was impossible for him to restore the country to its pre-recession place in just four years, but she said she believes the nation has been able to make progress under the president’s leadership.

“This man has proved he can lead,” she said. “This mess was so deep and so wide when he took office, but I think they are turning the corner.”


DE 3 years, 1 month ago

Where are the articles about the Republican National Convention a week earlier? Is this newspaper leaning left like all the major networks are? When can we expect to see the news article reporting that the unemployment number has dropped to 8.1%, but that actually 4 times the amount hired in July actually quit looking or gave up looking for a job? As long as voters in this county think that they are doing better under this administration, nationally and locally, we will never make any headway to make this county or nation a better place for all.

You cannot bring prosperity by discouraging thrift. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot lift the wage earner by pulling down the wage payer. You cannot help the poor man by destroying the rich. You cannot keep out of trouble by spending more than your income. You cannot further brotherhood of men by inciting class hatred. You cannot establish security on borrowed money. You cannot build character and courage by taking away man’s initiative and independence. You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves. -William J. H. Boetcker


Michael 3 years, 1 month ago


What is it with these Obama supporters, Do they not remember that he had two years with a democratically controlled congress and did NOTHING to fulfill any of his campaign promises? Now he is wanting another four years. I seriously HOPE the people of this country will CHANGE the occupant of the white house, and get this country back on track.

The USA was once the most prosperous and most powerful country in the world we need a leader who believes in America, and it surely isn't Obama.


DE 3 years, 1 month ago

The sad thing is this newspaper can't figure out why their circulation is down. Well here's an idea.... Start with UNBIASED NEWS REPORTS AND REPORTERS!!! Offer the same amount of coverage on both sides of an issue, story, news item etc.. Then maybe your newspapers sales and advertising will increase.


Lynn 3 years, 1 month ago

Hope is a strong motivator to go on or to continue to endure but hope without actions n matter how sincere is tragedy


tweety 3 years ago

Powerful? Really? The moocher class will drink the Kool-aid again, looks like. We are all doomed!! LOL


OscarKnight 3 years ago

....."Just Words" .........Powerful ?

....Riddle Me with this :

......Where was the adults in the audience ?

....Its obvious that some folks in Clayton County has been stuck on stupid for awhile. Ha, Ha


OscarKnight 3 years ago

...Welcome to The Democrat Plantation of Clayton County, Georgia.


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