Sentencing for convicted gunman put on hold

Demarques Lee Williams

Demarques Lee Williams

JONESBORO — Sentencing for a man found guilty of a Christmas Day shooting, which left his victim paralyzed, has been delayed.

A Clayton County Superior Court jury found Demarques Lee Williams guilty of aggravated assault, and guilty of aggravated battery during his trial on Aug. 29.

A continuance for Williams sentencing was issued Friday, according to the Clayton County Superior Court Clerk’s office.

The same jury found Williams, 25, not guilty of aggravated assault with intent to rob and not guilty of armed robbery.

Clayton County Superior Court Judge Deborah C. Benefield heard the case and was scheduled to sentence Williams Friday.

One of Clayton County’s assistant public defenders, Ashley Palmer, represented Williams during his trial.

“I can’t say that I am not disappointed about the verdict,” said Palmer in a previous interview. “I am pleased that the jury believed that my client did not intend to rob anybody that evening and I am hopeful that he will receive a lenient sentence from the judge.”

Williams was arrested last year for the Christmas Day shooting of Anthony Porter in the Southern Springs apartment complex off Mt. Zion Boulevard.

Porter testified he and Williams were gambling while playing a dice game in the parking lot when the two men got into an altercation.

In her closing argument, Palmer her client never denied shooting Porter. She said Williams was acting in self-defense. She described Southern Springs apartments as a “high-crime” area.