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Do you think charter schools help, or hurt, public education in America?

Kenny Stolar : As long as the school districts are in the toilet, I believe that every child deserves a strong education to prepare them for what is ahead of them. This thing called LIFE, whether on to college, tech school or starting their own business, it starts with a great foundation.

Diana Sarakas Ballard: Ditto!

Diana Sarakas Ballard: AMEN to that! Why don't YOU run for the school board! From being in the schools before I retired I see their number 1 and 2 problems are lack of discipline and total disrespect for everyone. This has to come from their home life and if somehow the teachers could bring out the "awesome" in each student, they would have a better loving and learning atmosphere...keep up the good work!

Would your children play on playground equipment that looked like rocks?

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): Liability concerns have made idiots of us all. I say close the park if that's the idea for play space

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): If you can't get hurt on it, it is Not a playground

Gail Lindsey Hensarling: They have a big rock at the playground by the Jonesboro post office, it's included with the regular playground. Kids love it.

Gail Lindsey Hensarling: Have you noticed that no one has a swing anymore? The one in Jonesboro is the only one around that I know of that does.

Dawn Blackwelder Wright: Looks kinda dull. It's too safe looking.

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: .......$60,292.95 ?

..........I don't think so !!!

.....I could think about much things to do with this money, during these hard times.

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: ...Let the citizens build the play ground, and pay for the the materials from the city taxes. There must be construction workers living in Morrow. The City Inspectors can oversee the construction. I'm sure that local businesses will donate or discount the materials.

Where do you see the special grand jury investigation of the county government going?

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): I don't want to speak out of turn, I do not know the DA other than who she is. But it seems the DAs office is running a lot of investigations into a lot of people in county govt. Good if there is criminality that needs be addressed. But if what some say is true, it is almost always of her political enemies. Could it be time to investigate This office and the politics driving it? No office of govt, of any govt, can stand too close a look without some violation of something, it's complicated business. If it's truly criminal that's one thing and I support her 100% if it is. But I don't even know what "avoiding a public document" is

Chanda Roberts White: Time to investigate HER. I am not in favor of or against her, but what she does to others will eventually be done to her.

Let it go and get the real criminals off the streets of Clayton County.

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: ...In my Opinion; Our County Government needs to be Sanitized and Monitored.....I'm very glad that we have an Elected Official in this county that we can trust to do the Job, that she was Elected to do. I feel very fortunate to have, least one Elected Official in this county in our corner.

Kenny Stolar: Lets get the skunks out of the woodpile!

What could Morrow do to become more of a traditional college town?

Chanda Roberts White: Student buses, one or two karaoke nearby bars, sorority and fraternity row (plenty of vacant streets and empty business buildings), small businesses that want to hire college students closer to the campus, better signage, more community opportunities for college and young professionals, housing for college graduates when they remain in the metro area.

Kenny Stolar: Ditto and involve them in the city, and work on bringing families back to Clayton County! Ft. lauderdale has a great mix now

Walter Edwards: More entertainment . Just take a look at Athens.

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): Marketing firms and programs make you too stupid to be in college, much less make you a college town..I know, just a grant, that's free money..right?

Chanda Roberts White: Also, for cheaper date nights perhaps art exhibitions on or near campus. How about a new skating rink nearby or a new bowling lane? That one on Mt Zion is ridiculously overcrowded and overpriced on weekends. Morrow City card for students with local business discounts offered and honored either a card or with showing student ID.

How about encouraging a bank to establish a bank location closer to campus?

Metrobus depot for out if town students. I had friends use metro us to Atlanta, then they had to pay $80 for a cab ride. Just imagine what students pay.

Let me stop because social workers and ministers are not suppose to be intelligent enough to solve a business problem. That's why I cannot get a job-businesses do not believe social workers can do anything.

Festus Hagan: lol

Gail Lindsey Hensarling: I would hate to see it government run though but not opposed to incentives

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): Let it evolve organically, the idea of creating what people will want to do is stupid, if they want to do it, someone will provide it at a profit. But I thought everyone knew that

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: ......Buy Two Buses and Renovate the Olde Towne Morrow.

Why build something, when it is already there ?

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: ...Keep The Money in Clayton County !!!

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: ....The Olde Town Morrow needs a customer base, and a need to make it useful.......The way it is sitting, it serves nothing but a wasted space, continues to be tax burden, and a money pit.

Do you think a write-in campaign for sheriff will be successful?

Jerrell DeWayne Mayo: No

Gail Lindsey Hensarling: I sure am willing to try.

Diana Sarakas Ballard: I HOPE so...Garland will turn this county back around...I've know this man for over 20 years!

Sebrina Diamond Bailey: Not really....

Sheriff of the United States of America (Timm Harper, Sheriff): I did not know until recently that some of these post are included in the hard copy of the paper. Here if someone sees mine and checks my page, they see the "fictional character" tag and know that there is indeed no such office as Sheriff of the whole country, that is not the case with the paper and my real name is attached..making me look like the proverbial jackwagon (thanks for the word R. Lee). Thus this will be my last post to this page. I don't see it working, the voters are lazy enough as is and if the name is not on the ballot?? I think it might well give the county a chamce to take a deep breath, reflect, heal some of this dysfunctional families wounds and they could then hope that better men are available as choices next time. I would choose Watkins over hill any day. That said, if you get a chance to interview him ask questions about something other than Hill, the mantra of "Not Hill" didn't work the first time, there has to be something that says "vote for me, not just against him". I would like to know how an administration of the second in command would be different from what it is now, and what his plans are for the current Sheriff should he win..they ran against each other last time to split the vote with an agreement that if one of them won, he'd name the other Chief. Is a deal now in the works in exchange for the Sheriffs support? But let me end by saying that "anything but Hill" is reason enough to go vote though.

LeVon Allen: He would have to get over 66,000 people to write his name in because the ballot will only show victor Sheriff Victor Hill name..keep in mind Watkins only got 3,070 votes when he ran for sheriff the 1st time...Tina daniel got more votes this time 4,000+

Ellen G Mercer: I hope so. I have been hoping someone would try to go up against Hill (aka walking small) I know some are quoting numbers; Hill only won with the Democrats because those that voted on the Republican ticket had no vote in the sheriff's race so hopefully when all have a chance to vote for sheriff that will change things up a bit. Along with there will most likely be more people voting in November than in the primary.

Judy McClure Serritella: I certainly hope so.

Cheryl Synamon Baldwin: I certainly hope not!!!

Maggie Tennant: I hope so!!!

Will arbitration bring a breakthrough in LOST and service delivery negotiations?

Paige Patton Turner: Not by Eldrin... we won't get anymore work out of him now that he's been kicked out.... but watch out... he's going to spend as much money as humanly possible !!!

What do you guys think about the dancing Clayton County sheriff's deputies directing traffic up at the Democratic convention in Charlotte?

Angie Sloan Allan :You sure they are from "Clayton County, Georgia???" lol

Tamu Ford : This is to cute,I love it. Their office needs a little positive press right about now.

Lynn Rains: I love it! Awesome!

Paige Patton Turner: makes me sick !!! who's paying them??? And don't they have enough to do here in CC? Our force is short cops as it is !!!

Sue Casey: I have loved watching the video every time it has been aired on TV today. Really proud that they have some SASSY Moves, spunk, sense of humor!!!!

Sylvia Francis: Guess they are looking at it they may as well have fun bout the situtation as to sit and cry about it or get mad one. Just have a good time and enjoy it while there is time and make the best of everything.

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: .....What would you expect from The Democrat Plantation of Clayton County ?......Dancing Deputies or Dancing Donkeys ?

Rex Mill: We absolutely LOVE and SUPPORT our CCSD and CCPD ! We are happy to see the wonderful attention they are bringing to our County :)

Gail Lindsey Hensarling: I love it, definitely good press.

Chanda Roberts White:

Time to pay out MORE money because people elected cannot be 100% focused on the needs of constituents? Really sad that maturity does not factor in to decisions made on our behalf. "now that mediators are involved" we should resolve the issue?? No, the issue should have been handled months ago as the last contract ends last year.

Cities are demanding more because they appear to do more than the county.

When will the hotel tax money collected be appropriated? Heck, use that money to enforce code enforcement. The house sitting on rails now has trees growing in the gutters, and no one in Clayton County seems to care. Establish a better way of maintaining property ownership, develop county wide rules about signage , noise control, basketball goals in the street, yard appearance (front and back), etc.

Too much work to be done and money should not be spent on mediation, when only TWO meetings were conducted.