Coach accused of misconduct

Mt. Zion assistant removed; allegations involve student

JONESBORO — The Clayton County Sheriff’s office is investigating allegations of misconduct by a Mt. Zion High school football coach.

Mt. Zion High school Head Football Coach Ervin Starr said coach Charles Jackson has been removed from his coaching staff.

A spokesperson for the sheriff’s office, Capt. Brian Crisp said an investigation began earlier this week of allegations of misconduct by the football coach.

“There is currently an ongoing investigation of Coach Charles Jackson,” Crisp confirmed. “The investigation started earlier this week, of misconduct on his part with a student.”

Crisp acknowledged sheriff’s investigators are talking with people at the high school. However, he said he did not know who authorities had questioned about the misconduct allegation.

“There have been some interviews conducted already,” he said. “Anybody who potentially could be a witness will be interviewed.”

Crisp said he is not aware of any previous similar incidents at Mt. Zion High School.

“The school system has never told us about any issues like this at the school,” Crisp added. “We have never received any complaints of this nature involving Coach Jackson.”

The sheriff’s office spokesperson, refrained from giving more details about the investigation. Crisp said he would not give anymore information to prevent any problems with the completion of the investigation.

“Upon completion of our investigation, the evidence will be presented to a magistrate court judge, who will decide whether or not to issue an arrest warrant.”