Dear Editor,

The status of former Superintendent of Education in Clayton County started me thinking about education in the United States. I went to a different system than exists today. I graduated in 1949, which means I had to read the Constitution and learn the Declaration of Independent by heart. Schools nowadays do not teach such things, in fact I doubt that 98 percent of the teachers in Government schools have even read it. There is no mention of education in the Constitution. Our Founders, no they were not a bunch of rich, slave owning, white men, believed that the beginning of wisdom was a knowledge and fear of God. That does not mean being afraid of God, but having a fear of what God can do by knowing what God has done. The Bible was used in early schools to teach spelling, math, grammar, character and everything else. They were educated men and knew that if the public could not read, then they would not know what the law says which means they could know if their government was doing what it was supposed to do. Our present government at all levels has grown too large and corrupt. It is time for the citizens who love this country to take it back. The first thing that must be done is remove all incumbents. A large percentage of high school students do not graduate and those that do, get into college because the school system corrupts the grade system to get them Hope money, which amounts to nothing more that buying votes at the state and federal level. These people will do and say anything to stay in power. So the student get into college due to phony grades and has to take remedial courses for one or two years. The finish college with a degree and can not get a job and move back home. The feds are buying more votes by sending everybody to college what a crock. Who is going to fix my car, air conditioner?

Cook the food, wait on the table, pave the roads, cut the grass, and on and on. We need to get more people in the service industry not in a liberal college where they are taught there is no God and that the government owes them a living.



Dear Editor,

Gay people are not evil. They are just people like all the other people on this planet. They just have a different sexual orientation. Gay marriages or unions should only be the business of those directly involved with the couple like friends and relatives.

I’m sure Christ did not label gays as “evil” when he was preaching and He would not today.

Religious and non-religious groups and some organizations seem bent on making this a national issue. For millennia this was not at all an issue and it shouldn’t be now.

No group should be trying to force their own beliefs on perceived enemies. Christians are demonizing gays and liberal “anonymous atheists” are vilifying Christians.

Ironically, both sides claim tolerance and acceptance, even forgiveness for themselves when both sides are actually narrow-minded, prejudiced and spiteful to those who do not adhere to the “proper” beliefs. They are the obverse and reverse of the same coin. Expend your energies on more important issues.

Let gays and lesbians live their lives in as much peace as anyone can in this day and age.