Morrow leaders imagining bright future

MORROW — Community leaders and residents are being asked by Morrow officials to imagine a city they feel would be better than what they currently have as part of a new effort called “Imagine Morrow.”

“We wanted an innovative approach to extrapolate ideas from people [on ways to improve the city],” said Morrow Business and Tourism Association President Mike Twomey.

The city held its first “Imagine Morrow” meetings Tuesday, with a gathering of selected community leaders in the morning, and another with residents in the evening. Another meeting with residents is scheduled for Thursday, at 6 p.m., at the Morrow Center, located at 1180 Southlake Circle, in Morrow.

The community leaders who came together for the morning session suggested a variety of ideas to promote the city and to improve its quality of life. Some of their suggestions ranged from using social media to promote the city, to hosting more community events, to attracting new businesses, such as a women’s center, a dog park and a trolley service to help people get around town.

Several of them, however, said they wanted to see a collection of upscale restaurants, bars and pubs built around the Clayton State University campus.

“Instead of taking a visitor to downtown Atlanta for a nice dinner, we need something here, and the only way to do that is to go out and find it [and bring it to Morrow],” said state Rep. Glenn Baker (D-Jonesboro).

Kim Lister, the business manager for Jonesboro-based Lister and Holt law firm, added, “My dream is to have an area where I live that I don’t have to drive into [Atlanta] every weekend to have a great meal or go to a great shop. My dream is for the county, and for the city to have these things.”


OscarKnight 3 years ago

..."Imagining" ?


....These questions should be ask to outsiders; They are the base of Tourism and bringing in more Business. Outsiders ( Big Spenders with Big Pockets ) has to have a reason for coming to Morrow.

....Believe me when I tell you that I know.

......Hint : Quality Goods with a Clean, Friendly, and Wholesome Atmosphere.

....You might ought to walk into a Dwarf House, if you don't understand what I'm referring to. This should the model of the entire county, not just one area or one business.

......Hint # 2 : Location means everything.


OscarKnight 3 years ago

....Quote : "that I don’t have to drive into [Atlanta] every weekend to have a great meal or go to a great shop. My dream is for the county, and for the city to have these things"

.....We had such things, and it wasn't a dream; It was called Morrow Industrial Blvd.

...We had an indoor Mall, Movies Theaters, Steak Houses, Cafeterias, Music Stores, Restaurant Pubs, Family Entertainment places, Appliance Stores, Tasteful clothing stores, ......This area was the mecca for everyone on the Southside of Atlanta.
......I remember telling Chuck Wolff, of Wolff Camera, that he should think about opening a Camera / Photography Outlet at the new Mall in Morrow. This was in the late '70's, and I was talking with Chuck Wolff in his main store, on Tenth Street in Atlanta. It wasn't unusual for me to go shopping in Atlanta, I have been doing this for my entire life....up until I could do my shopping closer to home. Chuck Wolff did finally open up a store at our Mall.


Robert 3 years ago

The southside, Clayton County in particular, is not a place of money or where people will go to spend their money. It is a pit stop on I-75. People travel to a place and through places to get there. Clayton County offers very few places for people to travel to. People will also avoid stopping at places where they don't feel safe. When this happens businesses begin to close when those businesses can't make a profit. The people in Atlanta and the northside aren't going to travel down to Clayton to spend money when they have better and closer options. The same for Fayette and Henry too. Clayton County has to first be able to sustain itself with the local residents before others will be willing to travel to here.

I have heard from several waitresses that the reason the better restaurantes closed was because of a lack of tips. Customers wouldn't tip, the quality waitresses and waiters would move on leaving wait staff that was more interested in their own social life than getting your food out to you in a timely fashion resulting in a decrease in the customer base and eventually stores closing. The same is true for retail businesses also. I have walked into stores and been completely ignored. Needless to say I took my money elsewhere.


OscarKnight 3 years ago

,,,There as also been a Boycott in Morrow, because of tactics used by the Morrow Police Department. for trapping minor traffic violators. ......Who wants to be punished for spending money in a city, that don't appreciate the customers ?


OscarKnight 3 years ago

........Morrow : Hefty Fines For Traffic Violations

......."Judge repeatedly charges for traffic warnings"

Read More :


....Perhaps Morrow is attempting to recover it's loss of revenue from this fire trap :

.....Or; Maybe this undue harassment, from The Morrow Police Department would be from the loss of revenue by this :

....."Mall Woes : Southlake Mall Is Troubled" :



OscarKnight 3 years ago

...Rule # 1 : When driving in Morrow, never make a Left Turn.....It don't matter if the arrow allows you to do so, you will still be given a ticket by the cameras. The best way to avoid this is to go straight, until you reach the end of the jurisdiction of Morrow.



OscarKnight 3 years ago

....The message that The City of Morrow is sending to their customer base, is Stay Out of Morrow and continue driving straight.


PGM 3 years ago

Oh Oscar.How you do go on.


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