Two students cited for gun hoax

Clayton deputies check for weapons at school

JONESBORO — Two students were given citations for a prank they allegedly played on a school bus driver and other students.

Clayton County Sheriff’s Office spokesman Brian Crisp said the incident took place Monday morning while school buses were dropping off students for classes at Eddie J. White K-8 Academy. The academy, which instructs students from kindergarten to the eighth grade, is located at 11808 Panhandle Road in Hampton.

Crisp said the incident began when the school bus driver responded to a commotion by a male student on the bus.

“He just hollered out there was gun,” said the spokesman. “She used the bus radio and told the dispatch operator she believed there was a student on the bus with a weapon.”

Once the deputies arrived at the school, as each child exited the bus his or her bag was checked, Crisp said.

The deputies did not find a gun or any other type of weapon.

“The two students who were involved in the incident claimed that it was a joke,” he continued. “Both of the students involved in the incident were issued citations for disrupting a public school.”

The sheriff’s office spokesman said there was a delay of manpower for nearly 45 minutes to an hour, in order to allow deputies to check each student’s bag or backpack.

“Anytime there is a situation where a student claims to have a weapon, it is taken very serious by the sheriff’s office and we respond appropriately,” Crisp said.