EDITORIAL: Citizens attacked with inflammatory speech

County Commissioner Sonna Singleton now has gone way too far.

Her recent behavior and pattern of attacking Clayton County citizens has been troubling at best, but now her words have risen to an entirely different level.

Fellow commissioners and county officials would be best advised to not only distance themselves from Singleton, but once again we suggest they should consider a public censure.

It is one thing for her to disagree with citizens. It is quite another for her to refer to those she disagrees with as “the modern-day Klan.”

As if there is any doubt to whom Commissioner Singleton is referring, in an e-mail to the Clayton News Daily she referred to “the Tea Party people who continually perform at board meetings,” as “the modern-day Klan.”

These are her words in an e-mail to the newspaper following last week’s meeting of the Clayton County Commission.

Once again, the disturbing attack on Clayton County citizens was sent from her official county e-mail account: sonna.singleton@claytoncountyga.gov.

Is this the position of county government?

Does this inflammatory statement reflect the views of fellow commissioners, the commission chair or county office staff?

Is this language which county officials endorse regarding the county’s own citizenry?

At the meeting referenced by Singleton, a handful of county citizens followed established protocols to address the commission during the public comments portion of the meeting.

Nothing in their speech was inflammatory.

Nothing in their speech was of a personal nature.

We are not saying we agree or disagree with their political ideology.

That is not the point.

Their conservative views may not represent the views or values of the majority of Clayton County residents.

Again, that is not the point.

The point is, they are citizens.

They are taxpayers.

They followed established procedures to address the commission.

They spoke against the alleged misuse of taxpayer dollars.

There is a total disconnect between Singleton’s comments and what transpired.

Again, we are in no way defending the positions, views or political ideology of these citizens.

Their views are their own.

Maybe some of their presentations are a bit too dramatic.

Perhaps they could express themselves in a way that is a bit more business-like.

However, regardless of whether a county official agrees or disagrees with what they had to say, these citizens had every right to address the commission and to express their concerns.

In fact, that is the intention of the public comments portion of a meeting.

What do officials expect to happen during public comments?

Do they expect citizens to only show up at meetings and to comment on how great a job they are doing?

Do they expect citizens to show up at meetings just to tell them they are good stewards of taxpayer dollars and reassure them with a positive job performance evaluation?

Do they expect citizens to agree with every action they take, every decision they make and every dollar they spend?

Does Singleton intend for the regular meetings of the Clayton County Commission to be a true public meeting or simply a public relations campaign for county government?

Does she think these reckless comments will help bring citizens together and build consensus?

This is not the first go-around for her. Actually this is the second time this month she has sent a rash e-mail attacking citizens.

She sent a message Sept. 12 saying that citizens who dare to question county government are a “group of disgruntled citizens who are mad because they cannot afford to move out of the county.”

Following those comments we called on her fellow commissioners to speak up and let citizens know her views do not reflect their views. We even suggested that she be reined in, if not censured, for using her official government e-mail account for these attacks.

To their discredit, her fellow commissioners and the commission chairman sat in last week’s meeting and did not say a word about it.

What will they do now?

Commissioners, do you truly consider these citizens the “modern day Klan?”

The wording of Singleton’s e-mail signature is ironic: "Working to make Clayton County a better place to live, work and raise our children."

This kind of rhetoric is hardly a way to live up to that mission.

— Editor Jim Zachary


OscarKnight 2 years, 11 months ago

....I'm very glad to finally see that some of our self serving officials are now displaying their true feelings, lopsided opinions about our citizens, and their oppositions to our U.S. & State Constitution.


OscarKnight 2 years, 11 months ago

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Robert 2 years, 11 months ago

It's sad that it has taken this long for her to show who she really is. When the tax paying citizens demand accountability they are accused of being the Klan? Really, !? The race card just for voicing an unfavorable opinion. I thought that she was better than that but I guess she hid her true self very well.

        • She sent a message Sept. 12 saying that citizens who dare to question county government are a "group of disgruntled citizens who are mad because they cannot afford to move out of the county." - - - - -

I can afford to move out but I choose to stay and fight for my beloved Clayton County. Does that make me disgruntled just because I know how great and beautiful the county use to be? Does it make me disgruntled because I believe that Clayton County government and the school system can rise to points higher than the pre-1996 years? Running somewhere else does not solve the problems. Fixing the problems solves the problems.

Are there no true Christian leaders left in Clayton County or is everyone who seeks political positions only there to be self-serving?


BigDaddy 2 years, 11 months ago

Jessie Goree and Trina Garrett and Michael B. King on the Clayton County School Board is just like the 3 on the Clayton County Commsissors Board Singleton, Wole Ralph, and Gail Hambrick, with their controling ways and self serving ways of John Trotter and other groups.

I am a member of the Clayton County Oversight Committee, that has put all our political partisonship behind us to come together for the betterment of Clayton County to hold any elected officials accountable, like in wasting our taxpayers dollars and other type of corrupution that we may find.

Now the Clayton County School Board and School System has really got our attention now, as we been really giving the Clayton County Commission a lot of our attention of late. And yes Wole Raph has called us names and now Singletom as called up the modern day klan which the news day edtior Jim Zachary did a great article on this issue.

The Clayton County Oversight Committee is also many people from very different cultures and backgrounds and for Sington to make this statement in a email on her Clayton County Government email account about us, this is slander and I am thinking of bringing legal action against her personally and on Clayton County as the Clayton County Board of Commissioners needs to censor her and I will do everything I can to make sure she will not get re-elected back into office, as the crime is more higher in Rex and ellenwood area.

As it appears every person that was put into office by Lee/Jewel Scott and has a big connection to Victor Hill always uses the race card to try to get the up hand even when they are caught in many crooked things or caught red handed at something. And yes using the race card is getting very old here in Clayton County as its been used since 2004, because we have so called Leaders (coughs hard) Elected Officials uses it because they really can not goveren themselves or be Leaders in Clayton County.

Clayton County elected officials works for us the citizens of Clayton County, and yes the citizens should never fear our local, State or Fderal Goverments as they all work for us and not themselves.


MorrowResident 2 years, 11 months ago

This woman is the epitome of what is wrong in Clayton County. Truly arrogant and with nothing to offer but an allegiance to Wade Starr. Vote her out, Just as we did with Wole Ralph, Vote her Out!


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