Neighbors rattled over Jonesboro annexation request

Residents fear towing service will expand if property added to city

JONESBORO — The nightly clangs and beeps coming from Tara Wrecker Inc. have left long-time Jonesboro residents Walter and Margaret Buffington feeling a little rattled.

The sounds haven’t been kind to the neighborhood dogs either, the couple said.

“When their trucks bring cars in at night, they make all of these ‘clang, clang, clang’ sounds, and when they back-up, they go ‘beep, beep, beep,’ ” said Margaret Buffington. “It sets off all of the dogs in the neighborhood every time.”

The Buffingtons’ complaints have been echoed by several of their neighbors on Edinboro Drive. They are concerned about the city’s possible annexation of the Tara Wrecker property on Turner Road because they fear the owners will use it as an opportunity to expand the area where the business keeps impounded cars.

“It’s not the annexation we’re opposed to,” said Walter Buffington. “We understand why the city wants to annex the property, because it can get more property tax revenue. We’re just afraid they will go lax on him, and let him expand.”

The city was scheduled to discuss the issue Oct. 1, during a Jonesboro City Council work session, but it has been postponed to the November work session because of an advertising issue, according to city hall officials.

Tara Wrecker employees said Thursday the only company official who can speak to media about the annexation issue was on vacation this week and could not be reached for comment.

Several Edinboro Drive residents addressed the city council earlier this month to voice their opposition to the annexation. One resident, Shirley Tyler, told the council that Tara Wrecker’s owners previously got permission from the Clayton County Board of Commissioners — who currently has zoning authority over most of the property — to expand the impound area.

Tyler said the company expanded it further than the commission allowed, and cut down all of the trees up to the edge of hers and a neighbor’s backyards, until Commission Chairman Eldrin Bell ordered them to stop. Without the trees, there was no buffer to dampen sound and run-off, she told council members.

The residents fear if the city lets Tara Wrecking expand further, only bad things will result.

“We’re going to lose our property values and our peace of mind,” said Tyler.