Forest Park mulls pay raises

City to update medical leave policy

FOREST PARK — The Forest Park City Council is mulling over giving city employees a two-percent pay raise, but the mayor pro-tem is not so sure about one of the suggested methods.

Stephen Condrey of Condrey & Associates said his office has worked for almost a year on two pay-plan options for the city. He advocated using the Merit system and that they should consider a two-percent increase in salary beginning in January.

“I really don’t like using the Merit system; it is too subjective for me,” said Forest Park Mayor Pro-Tem Sparkle Adams.

City Manager John Parker told the city council the pay study came up during the budgeting process at the beginning of the year.

“We want to make sure we weren’t being over selective on who got what,” Parker said.

Condrey said plan A was based on the city using a budget of nearly $468,000 and plan B was based on a budget using nearly $209,000.

In other business, the city council unanimously approved changing the city’s family medical leave policy.

“We need to update our policy to include the military medical leave so we can be in compliance with the Federal Medical Leave Act,” said Christine Terrell, the Director of Support Services.

“I think this is a very good thing,” said Councilwoman Linda Lord. “We had it but we are making it better.”

The city council also unanimously approved the appointment of Jason Gaines, an architect and a Georgia Tech graduate, to the Architectural Design Review Board.