Residents must track bill signings on Deal’s website

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal

— With the 2013 General Assembly term in the history books, Georgia residents will have to turn their gaze to the Internet to find out when Gov. Nathan Deal signs passed bills into law.

Deal’s office announced Friday he has officially begun the process of reviewing bills passed by the General Assembly. The governor can either sign bills into law or exercise his veto powers against them. The governor’s office said no formal announcements will be made when specific bills are signed or vetoed.

“The governor’s office will withhold comment on all legislation — except for bills that were part of his legislative agenda — until they are signed or vetoed,” officials wrote on Deal’s website.

Any resident of the state who wishes to keep up to date with bill signings are asked to check http://gov.georgia.gov regularly. A drop-down menu will appear under the “Legislation” tab and viewers can click on “2013 bills signed” to see a list of bills Deal has signed into law.

Although his bill review process officially began last week, the governor has already signed 11 bills into law since mid-February.

There are several pieces of legislation affecting Clayton County that are awaiting Deal’s signature. Those bills include legislation to clean up language in Forest Park’s city charter, to repeal two outdated Clayton-specific school board ethics bills and to transfer the Georgia Archives from the Secretary of State’s office to the University System of Georgia.

The state’s 2014 budget, which includes $19.8 million to erect a new science building at Clayton State University, also must be reviewed by the governor.