Clayton schools bureaucracy at metro Atlanta average

JONESBORO — School officials boast having a slim bureaucracy in Clayton County Public Schools. State data revealed the school district is in the middle of the pack among metro Atlanta districts.

Administrators represent about one in 17 of Clayton County Public Schools’ certified personnel, according to the Governor’s Office of Student Achievement’s 2010-11 report card.

The data indicated that 6.3 percent of district personnel were administrators, 6.5 percent were support staff and 87.2 percent were categorized as teachers.

That is on par with the average district in metro Atlanta when it comes to the proportion of teachers compared to administrators and support staff.

Some neighboring districts, like Henry County Schools and Fayette County Public Schools, have fewer administrators but more support staff.

About 5.5 percent of certified personnel in Henry were administrators, 9 percent were support staff and 85.5 percent were teachers. In Fayette, 5.7 percent were administrators, 8.9 percent were staff and 85.4 percent were teachers in 2010-11.

The larger DeKalb County Schools was more top-heavy with administrators and support staff representing about a fifth of the certified workforce. Administrators in DeKalb were 6.3 percent of the group, support staff was 11.8 percent and teachers were 81.9 percent.

Clayton’s central office staff has also shrunk in recent years due to budget cuts, said school spokesman David Waller. He said state funding pays for part of Clayton’s central office staff of 292 individuals who include those at the central office complex in Jonesboro and the Morrow annex.

Georgia Department of Education spokesman Matt Cardoza said the district earns money to fund certain central office positions. The district is receiving $4.4 million from the state to fund 68 central office positions this year.

He said the money includes office salaries and operating expenses for one superintendent, six assistant superintendents, one secretary, one accountant, 20 visiting teachers/social workers, 20 psychologists and 19 special education staff members.

Waller said the district has 946 part-time and full-time workers in support positions, which include more than 400 part-time transportation jobs.

There are 36 people employed in technology services — 12 are at the S. Truett Cathy Professional Learning Center in Jonesboro. The school nutrition and maintenance departments employ 154 individuals.