Woman helps police with sting to buy fake tickets

By Kathy Jefcoats


JONESBORO — After a woman bought airline tickets that turned out to be counterfeit, she helped police arrest the seller, said officials.

Cory Andrew Hayes pleaded guilty under the First Offender Act to identity fraud, obstruction of an officer and forgery in the second degree. Clayton County Superior Court Chief Judge Deborah Benefield sentenced Hayes to three years on probation.

Prosecutor Travis Meyer said Hayes sold two counterfeit Air Tran tickets to a woman. Once the woman discovered they were fake, she called police and agreed to set up a second buy in order to arrest Hayes, he said.

When Hayes was arrested, he gave police a drivers license with his correct name and date of birth but a false operator number, said Meyer.

Meyer recommended three years probation on the charges and said the state did not object to a First Offender plea.