Income-tax filing deadline coming April 15

IRS officials suggest e-filing

ATLANTA — The Internal Revenue Service’s April 15 filing deadline is almost here.

IRS spokesman Mark Green taxpayers who have not yet filed should consider filing electronically.

“We see a dramatic reduction in the number of errors with tax returns that are filed electronically,” he said.

Green said the best way to beat the rush is to file electronically as nearly 100 million taxpayers chose to do last year. It is free through the website for individuals whose income is $57,000 or less.

“Millions of taxpayers are rushing to complete their taxes and thousands more realize they’re going to need more time,” said Green.

Taxpayers who cannot finish filing their return by the deadline can request an automatic six-month extension Form 4868 at www.IRS.gov. Those who owe the IRS can sign a payment agreement online with the IRS.

Green said there are still roughly 31,000 Georgians who have not filed a tax return for 2009 and could be missing out on some $27 million in unclaimed refunds, half of which would be more than $538 each.

He said taxpayers are allowed up to three years to file for unclaimed refunds. The 2009 tax returns must be filed with the IRS no later than April 15 in order to collect the refunds.