Suffering county employees can work from home

— The Clayton County Board of Commissioners has made it possible for Clayton County employees to stay home and do their work rather than coming into the office.

A resolution unanimously approved by commissioners Tuesday states they see teleworking as “a viable alternative work arrangement which allows employees to work from home or a satellite [location] upon approval.”

Don’t think that will result in masses of employees running away from their face-to-face time with the public however.

Commission Chairman Jeff Turner told his colleagues during a pre-meeting work session that the resolution sets up of a process where employees who are injured can request authorization to work from home — if it’s possible for them to do so. That way they don’t have to come into work when their doctors recommend they stay at home.

“It’s not for anybody to just walk up and say I want to telecommute,” Turner said. “It’s for those extenuating circumstances where an employee, who might have a medical condition, can still do the job but they can do it from home.”

The move was prompted by a situation where an employee had to stay home because of a medical condition, but was still able to do her work, Turner said. No process existed to say it was OK for her to do that work.

A request to work from home will go through several layers of review and approval before the county officially says it is OK for the employee to telework.

Employees will have to submit a written telework request to their department head for approval. That person would then have to forward it to Human Resources Director Renee Bright for approval and Turner would ultimately have to sign off on it as well.

Supervisors will outline dates for when work is to be completed for the employees, according to a copy of the teleworking agreement plan.