Trash in Jonesboro’s cross hairs this weekend

— An army of Jonesboro residents will fight to vanquish trash from their town’s main thoroughfare Saturday.

The city’s Neighborhood Watch group will hold its first city-wide clean up day this weekend, where volunteers will walk along Main Street and pick up any trash they find.

The beautification project was the brainchild of longtime resident and Neighborhood Watch member B.J. Burrell, who is overseeing its planning.

“I just think we need to keep our city looking beautiful and I though this would be a good way to do it,” Burrell said.

Any resident or employee of a Jonesboro business is invited to participate in the clean-up project. Volunteers are asked to gather at 9 a.m. at the Jonesboro Police Department headquarters, 170 South Main St. to receive instructions.

The volunteers will pick up any trash they find along Main Street, between North Avenue and South Avenue, Burrell said. She added that they will also clean up trash along some of the neighborhood roads that branch off the street.

Businesses are also asked to join residents by cleaning up their properties this weekend. The group also wants residents to clean up their personal properties this weekend as well.

It’s not clear if this will be the first of many city-wide clean-up efforts conducting by Neighborhood Watch. Burrell said the likelihood of additional clean-up days will depending on how many show up Saturday.

“We’re going to see how this one goes and take it from there,” Burrell said. “Hopefully, a lot of people will show up.”