Jonesboro mayor ready to flush city’s toilet thief

— The person responsible for the theft of Jonesboro’s stolen commode is probably not on Mayor Joy Day’s Christmas card list.

One of the unlocked bathrooms at the city’s Massengale Park was stripped of its potty when thieves lifted it sometime between late Tuesday and early Wednesday of last week. Police believe the responsible party brought tools and dismantled it before it was hauled off.

She wants to know the identity of the person responsible for leaving the bathroom latrineless but she isn’t holding her breath on finding out that information.

“That made me so mad when I heard about it,” Day said. “I wish the person who did it would step forward and admit they took the toilet. Of course they’re probably sitting on it.”

The news of the toilet-snatching has caused some shock and confusion among the Jonesboro community mainly because of the unusual nature of the crime.

One reader on Clayton News Daily’s Facebook page gasped over the lavatory’s price, estimated to be around $700, while others were figuratively scratching their heads over the desirability of a toilet.

Police were surprised by the crime last week, and city officials and some residents at the Jonesboro Neighborhood Watch clean up Saturday weren’t sure what to make of it either.

“Why would anyone want to steal a toilet,” longtime resident Geneva Peach said.

The john’s expensive price tag has gotten a tongue or two wagging as well.

A home toilet can be purchased for around $100, but Day explained the stolen can was more expensive because it was commercial-grade and therefore designed to be sturdier than a home model.

That’s because it would see more use than a home toilet and is intended to last 20 years with constant public use.

“It’s got to be sturdier so it can handle a 300-pound man sitting on it,” Day said.

She added it also has a high-powered flush system which adds to the price of the loo.

But, its sturdy design makes the toilet heavier to carry and that is why Day believes more than one thief was involved in the theft. She said its weight makes it too big of a load for one man to handle alone.

“You’d need at least two people to carry it,” she said.

It isn’t known whether the thieves left the seat up or down as they carried the throne away.

Anyone with information about the kidnapped pot’s whereabouts or who took it can call Jonesboro police at 770-478-7407, or Day’s City Hall office at 770-478-3800.