Once again the nation mourns.

What once was the unthinkable has sadly become another tragedy.

Churches, local officials and others in our community are gathering for memorials.

The bombing at the Boston Marathon Monday is another senseless act of violence.

Boston joins Sandy Hook, Columbine, Aurora, Centennial Park, Oklahoma City, Virginia Tech and 911 as reminders we are no longer immune from a violent world.

Whether international terrorism, domestic terrorism or some random act of violence, it is a sad and stark reality that lives are lost, our sense of security is lost — innocence is lost — again.

Our thoughts, our hearts and our prayers go out to those whose family and friends have died or been seriously injured.

While Boston, New York or Washington D.C. may seem far away, we should never think for a moment it cannot happen here.

We cannot live our lives in dread fear.

We cannot simply stop living our lives and doing those things we find either necessary or enjoyable.

But, we must accept the reality of senseless tragedy and live each day in a way that is compatible with our beliefs and in a way we would want others to see or to remember us.

As we pause for moments of reflection and introspection, these things also make us think once again about the debt of a gratitude we all owe to public safety personnel, first responders and those who serve and protect us to the best of their ability each day.

— Editor Jim Zachary


OscarKnight 2 years, 3 months ago

........Living in Clayton County is the perfect training grounds for avoiding public gatherings and crowded places. I learned many years ago where my place was, in attending Movie Theaters, Restaurants, and The Shopping Mall in Clayton County.


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