Top 10 stories for the week of April 8-14

1. No spring break for cops

Clayton County police Officer Eddie Soto followed two other marked patrol cars through a subdivision Wednesday evening, past houses filled with families sitting down to dinner or watching television.

2. Thieves enter unlocked park bathroom, take toilet

If you sprinkle when you tinkle, please be neat — but don’t swipe the seat.

3. Open government: See it can be done

City meetings in Lake City are, in many ways, an exercise in local government transparency.

4. The Color Run comes to Atlanta Motor Speedway

HAMPTON — “Eat my dust” took on a new meaning Saturday as color wafted behind The Color Run runners passing through the various color stations.

5. Humane Society fretting over shortage of yard sale items

The Clayton County Humane Society’s yard sales are some of the biggest fundraisers the animal adoption group holds every year, but next month’s sale may not be as successful if items aren’t donated.

6. Peacocks on the loose in Jonesboro

It’s not uncommon to see hawks, owls and sparrows in Jonesboro, but a peacock? Now that’s a shocker.

7. Suspect told police he 'might have blacked out'

Prosecutors allege Marshae Hickman lured a Forest Park teenager into the woods, stabbed her to keep her quiet about a previous assault, covered her body with a nearby discarded mattress and went home.

8. ‘Scary Movie’ marks county sound stage’s movie debut

Clayton County’s new movie sound stage in Lake City will make its big screen debut this weekend but audiences won’t recognize it as a former grocery store.

9. Man ID'd in girl's diary on trial this week

A Forest Park man identified in a girl's diary stands trial this week for murder in her death.

10. Alleged pimp indicted in attack of teenage girl

Sometimes, it’s just hard out there to be a pimp, according to the lyrics of popular song.