VOICE OF PEOPLE: Citizen wants cars off his street

— Don’t you just hate it when someone parks their car on the street in front of your home?

Should there be a recreation center in the Morrow area?

Is the corner being turned on the city’s relationship with area legislators?

These are the burning questions which came up in the public comments portion of the Morrow City Council meeting Tuesday.

Speakers came to the podium to talk about a host of quality of life issues, ranging from unwanted traffic in their neighborhoods to a void of recreation centers in Morrow and Lake City.

Others came not to bury the council, but to praise it.

Willie Foles complained about people frequently parking on the street in front of his house. He said there have been times when cars have remained parked overnight.

“There’s sort of a party atmosphere of young men,” Foles said. “They leave one or two of the cars overnight, and I get up during the night and went to window and looked out at the street and I don’t know where this car came from. It kinda makes me a little uneasy.”

State Rep. Valencia Stovall (D-Ellenwood) thanked the council for the work it does for residents and updated officials on legislation that impacts Clayton County. She tailored her comments to focus on funding that was secured in the state’s budget for a new science building Clayton State University has wanted to build for several years. Stovall also offered her assistance to the city.

“I’m here for any situations that cannot be handled on a local basis,” Stovall said. “I definitely don’t want to overstep my bounds, but anything that deals with any of the state departments, even with any of the things you all are dealing with locally, please reach out to me so I can be able to aide you in moving those things forward.”

Calvin Copeland asked city leaders why there are no recreation centers in Morrow. He said there are centers in Jonesboro, Forest Park and Rex. He also pointed out the county just opened one in Lovejoy but he said he would like to have a center closer to his home in Morrow.

“Have I missed something?” Copeland said. “Are we planning for one? Is there one on the agenda? If not, why not? What’s going on with that?”

City Manager Jeff Eady told Copeland there is no center in Morrow because Clayton County Parks and Recreation has not built one. His response came in spite of the fact that one of the centers Copeland mentioned is owned and operated by the city of Forest Park and not the county.

Dorothy Dean praised the city for holding its Government 101 series of classes designed to teach residents about how their municipal government operates.

“From the very first class, I’ve learned something really valuable and something that I really think all of the citizens of the city need to know,” Dean said.

Rose Noble Nelson echoed Bean’s statements about the Government 101 classes.

“I have no complaints about Morrow,” Nelson said. “I only have compliments.”

Danny Rudd also offered praise for Government 101.

“There’s been a lot of programs offered to residents of this city and this has been one of the best ones I’ve seen,” Rudd said. “It’s been very informative.”

Compiled by Curt Yeomans