Firearms safety class open to public

Weapons not allowed at class

By Kathy Jefcoats


JONESBORO — Got a gun?

Clayton County gun owners can attend a free firearms safety class Saturday at police department headquarters on North McDonough Street. Officer Kenneth Cameron said the class should be useful for longtime, new or prospective gun owners.

"Awareness of gun safety is very important," he said. "Gun owners who may have had guns in their homes for a while can get complacent and complacency leads to accidents. Prevention is important and we want to keep people safer."

Cameron said the class will cover the basics, including Georgia laws on owning a gun. However, no firearms should be brought to the class and none will be used in demonstrations.

"There will be no instructions on shooting or handling of a firearm," said Cameron. "Don't bring a weapon to class."

New gun owners can learn the basics of having a weapon in the house and prospective owners may get the information they need to decide if having a firearm is the right move for them, he said.

However, longtime gun owners can also benefit from a refresher course. For example, owners without children in the house can become complacent about safety and storage — until they become grandparents, he suggested.

"If you have kids in the house, safety becomes an issue," said Cameron.

Cameron said depending on the turnout of Saturday's class, the department may hold others on a variety of topics.

The class will be held in the community room off the lobby from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. at 7911 N. McDonough St. in Jonesboro. Contact Cameron at 770-472-8120 or at kenneth.cameron@co.clayton.ga.us for registration or questions.