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What do you geek? — SHERRY TURNER

How to navigate living in a pet lover’s world

If you look anywhere, you will see that many individuals “geek” their pets. Over the years, while conducting pet contests at libraries, I have become acquainted with a diverse group of pets. Families that have entered the contests have shared everything from a 15-foot long python named Delilah to a flea named Max.

The size of the pet or uniqueness of the pet did not dictate in anyway the passion these owners felt for their pets. They were all equally proud of their animals and had made emotional investments in forming a deep relationship with them. It was obvious that the time and money invested in the nurture and care of their pets was well worth it by what the animals gave back to the families.

Two of the more common types of pets are dogs and cats. There are special needs dogs such as the seeing eye dogs (guide dogs). Others are trained to help their owners as a diabetic alert, or with seizures, autism and fibromyalgia.

A friend of mine said it was her cat that kept smelling a certain area of her body that was then diagnosed as an early cancer growth. She shared with the doctor that it was her cat that prompted her to get a check up. The doctor confirmed that cats have been noted to make this detection before.

Even with no training, many times we have all seen on the news how a pet has saved an owner, traveled long distances to reunite or demonstrated other acts of loyalty.

If you don’t have a pet but would like one, the following local animal shelters have animals for adoption that you might want to check out:

Clayton County Animal Control

1396 Government Circle

Jonesboro, GA 30236 US

Clayton County Humane Society

7810 N. McDonough St.

Jonesboro, GA 30236

The following books in the Clayton County Library System can shed more insight into pet care:


“Protect Your pet: More shocking facts” by Ann Martin

“Exotic Pets: a veterinary guide for owners” by Shawn Messonnier

“Animal rights” by Kimberly Masters Evans

“Animal magnetism at home with celebrities and their animal companions” by Patti Denys

“Peculiar Pets” by Teresa Domnauer

“All pets go to heaven: the spiritual lives of the animals we love” by Sylvia Brown

“Unlocking the animal mind: how your pet’s feelings hold the key to his health and happiness” by Franklin McMillian

“Healing power of pets: harnessing the amazing ability of pets to make and keep people happy and healthy” by Marty Becker

“Going home-finding peace when pets die” by Jon Katz

“Betty Whites Pet Love: How Pets take care of us” by Betty White


“Cattery Row” by Clea Simon

“A Cat with no clue: an Alice Nestleton mystery” by Lydia Adamson

“Raining cat sitters and dogs: a Dixie Hemingway mystery” by Blaize Clement

“Pet Sematary” by Stephen King

“Vanishing Act” by Barbara Block

“Cat sitters pajamas” by Blaize Clement