BOE makes policy, job description changes

JONESBORO — The Clayton County Board of Education approved a few policy changes during a brief regularly scheduled meeting Monday.

There was a final reading of policy series D on fiscal management and series E on business management. Series D was not changed but series E was revised and approved 7-2. Board members Jessie Goree and Michael King cast nay votes.

Goree has advocated for decreasing the distance students must live away from their school to be eligible for transportation services. However, that distance was left at 1.5 miles or more in the final version of the student transportation management policy. Grammatical changes were made to that policy as well as to the board liability insurance policy.

The board approved 9-0 a list of employee tribunal panel members and agreed 8-1 on Superintendent Luvenia Jackson’s recommended list of student tribunal panel members. Goree voted against the student tribunal, arguing for more student-advocate representation on the panel. Neither list was disclosed during the meeting.

There was also a unanimous acceptance 9-0 of the district’s Perkins IV Local Plan for Improving Career, Technical and Agricultural Education. This year’s plan includes $761,982 in state and federal grant funding.

Recommendation on the tribunal panel’s recommendation was approved 8-0. King abstained.

Jackson, like the superintendents before her, also recommended several changes in employee responsibilities and job-title descriptions. Board members Mark Christmas and Charlton Bivins opposed the recommendations.

Goree said she was concerned the district’s fine arts director is without a fine arts background.

She suggested personnel with a fine arts experience be moved or added to the fine arts department to assist director Monika Wiley. She said the former school administrator, who also led the Internal SACS CASI Committee to earning district-wide accreditation, had no prior background in fine arts before being assigned the leadership role.

“I think, if we’re going to have a free-standing school for fine arts (Clayton County Fine Arts Magnet High School), we should have someone with that background,” said Goree.