Jonesboro may get new website, technology upgrades

JONESBORO — The blue and white website that has greeted Jonesboro’s online visitors for years may be headed for the online graveyard.

A website redesign is part of a proposed city-wide technology upgrade which would be performed by the Georgia Municipal Association.

There are three options GMA’s IT in a Box program has offered. One is an upgrade only for city hall and public works, which would cost $1,423 per month. Another is for the police department only, which would cost $3,576. The third option is a combination of the first two options, and it would cost $3,909.

The program is offered through Sophicity, which is the municipal association’s IT consulting partner, according to a GMA letter provided to City Council members Monday.

“For one monthly fee, a city will receive a website, data backup and off-site data storage, email, document management, Microsoft Office for desktops, server, desktop an mobile management, vendor management and help desk support seven days a week,” said Sophicity business development representative Randy Weaver in the letter.

Although buying IT in a Box would bring widespread technology upgrades to Jonesboro’s government offices, the website got a particular amount of attention. When she ran for mayor two years ago, Joy Day included a website upgrade as one of her campaign promises.

Day said a new website provided by GMA and Sophicity would allow the city to get more community information out to residents. Individual departments and community organizations could have pages on the website to give residents at least basic information.

Weaver said people who receive traffic citations would be able to pay their fines online, if the city chose to offer that option.

He said 19 cities use IT in a Box, including Flowery Branch, Peachtree Corners, Chattahoochee Corners, Sumner and Pembroke.