DOT clears roads for tax-free holiday

ATLANTA — Shoppers will get a break from road construction this weekend to go along with the break they’ll get from state sales taxes on school supplies, clothing and computer equipment.

The Georgia Department of Transportation will suspend construction-related lane closures within five miles of a shopping mall or major shopping district on all interstates and major state routes from 8 a.m. Friday through 10 p.m. Saturday.

“The sales tax holiday is an opportunity for Georgians to save a little money during these challenging economic times,” said Georgia DOT Commissioner Keith Golden. “The department is glad to offer some relief from lane closures as families prepare for school.”

During Georgia’s annual “back-to-school” sales tax holiday, shoppers will have the opportunity to purchase certain clothing items, computers and computer accessories tax-free.

More information concerning the 2013 Sales Tax Holiday and tax exempt items can be found on the Georgia Department of Revenue’s website under ‘Sales Tax’ at: https://etax.dor.ga.gov/hottopics.aspx

The Department reminds travelers to exercise caution nonetheless as heavy holiday traffic is expected throughout the state. Some limited overnight lane closures may occur or crews may be still be working in close proximity to highways. Safety concerns may also require some long-term lane closures remain in place.

Also, incident management or emergency, maintenance-related lane closures could become necessary at any time on any route.