Ft. Gillem ‘environmental investigation’ wells approved

JONESBORO — The U.S. Army has the green light from Clayton County officials to undertake environmental clean-up efforts at the old Fort Gillem site in Forest Park.

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners voted unanimously Tuesday to give the Army permission to set up 13 off-post monitoring wells for one year. Much of the fort was shut down in 2011 as part of a round of base closures, but the Army maintains an enclave on a 250-acre portion of the site which includes a Criminal Investigations Division Crime Lab. Forest Park will develop industrial, manufacturing and business park areas on the remaining 1,170 acres, which it agreed to buy last year for $30 million.

The right of entry for environmental assessment and response approved by commissioners says the Army will use the wells for “environmental investigation and response, including the right to store, move and remove equipment and supplies.”

It will also be used to “erect and remove temporary structures on the land; investigate and collect samples; construct, operate, maintain, alter, repair and remove groundwater monitoring wells, groundwater purification and injection systems, appurtenances thereto and other devices for the monitoring and treatment of contamination in soil, air and water,” according to the agreement.

The wells will be set up at 1834 Slate Road, 1800 Slate Road, 1727 Slate Road, 4478 Bonnie Glen Court, 1534 Ravenel Road, 1473 Rock Cut Road, 1409 Rock Cut Road, 4555 Richard Road, 2108 Joy Lake Road, 2124 Forest Parkway, 2095 Third Ave., 2021 Third Ave. and 2069 Fifth Ave.