Jonesboro approves computer tutoring business

JONESBORO — A computer and medical transcription education business has been given the green light to move to North Avenue.

John T. Mitchell asked the Jonesboro City Council to approve a conditional-use permit for a computer business he has attracted to a shopping center he owns at 186 North Ave., Suite 102. He argued it should be approved because the suite previously hosted a similar tutoring business for several decades until it closed last year.

The conditional-use permit was unanimously granted by the city council. However, the waiving of the $600 conditional use fee passed by a 4-2 vote with council members Bobby Wiggins and Pat Sebo voting against it.

Conditional-use permits give business owners an opportunity to put a particular type of business in a location, but the catch is the site can only be used for that type of business as long as the owner stays there. If they leave and a similar business wants to move into the site, the new owners must apply for their own conditional use permit.

The only exception is when they move in less than 120 days have passed since the previous business left.