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Hill acquitted on all counts

A Clayton County jury acquitted Sheriff Victor Hill on 25 felony counts late Thursday afternoon.

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ROBINSON: A lack of spine on Egypt

U.S. officials can no longer harbor illusions about the nature of the Egyptian coup or the prospects for genuine democracy. President Obama should speak the truth and cut off military aid.

Jury continues to deliberate fate of Clayton County sheriff

A Clayton County jury continues to deliberate the fate of Sheriff Victor Hill Thursday morning.

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Community welcomes Lett to library system

JONESBORO - Members of the community turned out to welcome new Clayton County Library Director Rosalind Lett.

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Rescuing the family tree from scandal

So, it turns out old Danny boy probably wasn’t a player after all.

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Crying Towel banquet makes losing a laughing matter

It’s the award nobody wants to win, yet everyone has fun competing for it.

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Officials get sneak peak at Battle of Jonesborough exhibit

Emma Godbee peered through a glass window at at the Road to Tara Museum Tuesday and did a little window shopping.

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Lake City remembers its celebrity artist

Internationally known artist, television art instructor and author Norma Jean Poulos passed away recently at 83, Lake City Mayor Willie Oswalt has announced.

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Eady celebrates 30 years in Morrow government

Jeff Eady has a secret which isn’t widely known in Morrow outside of its government.

NCAA Flexes its hypcorisy muscles better than most

From now on, I’m going to play my NCAA Football 14 video game with a renewed sense of purpose.

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Walker leaving office in mid-term to lead

Clayton County Chief Magistrate Judge Daphne Walker has announced she is leaving office in the middle of her third term to take a position as president and CEO of the largest nonprofit domestic violence organization in Georgia.

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New Lovejoy running back should make for good fit.

Underneath Jeremiah Kirkland’s Twitter handle, he wrote: “On my way to the top! D-1 bound.”

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Teams taking advantage of preseason games

Area teams get first look at against opposing squads

Let the games begin. Well, sort of.

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Clayton schools, juvenile court agree on positive engagement

Clayton County Public Schools entered into an inter-agency governance agreement with Clayton County Juvenile Court this week on how the two agencies will handle school offenses.

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Human nature is on side of newspapers

Guest Column

Pulp and silicon can get along

Editorial by editor Jim Zachary