Lake City remembers its celebrity artist

Norma Jean Poulos

Norma Jean Poulos

LAKE CITY — Internationally known artist, television art instructor and author Norma Jean Poulos passed away recently at 83, Lake City Mayor Willie Oswalt announced last week.

Over the course of her career, Poulos instructed more than a thousand Georgia students in her studio, including many who were Clayton County residents. Additionally, she made personal appearances throughout the country, teaching an untold number of students in special seminars and was a frequent featured speaker at national conventions.

Internationally, she gained note with an in-depth art instruction program which transcended language barriers. Her style became hugely popular both in the U.S. and overseas. There are many “Norma Poulos” teachers in Korea and countless “Norma Poulos” students as far away as Zimbabwe.

Her studio of more than 35 years was located in Forest Park, where she maintained a heavy schedule and taught classes through the first week of June.

As a television artist for more than 30 years, Poulos had the distinction of winning “Third Most Popular TV Artist” and “Second Most Popular TV Artist” in the U.S. during two consecutive years. She still appears on some cable stations.

Television artist Bob Ross personally commissioned her to film an instructional series, which he marketed to public schools throughout the country as a supplement to their art departments.

She also authored nine books.

She was a founding member of Artists United, a national artist’s organization, and she helped found the Clayton Art Alliance.

Poulos believed that each painting told a story. With her paints, her palette and years of hard work, she became a gifted storyteller and a brilliant teacher. She will be missed by her many students here and overseas, and lovingly remembered for her immense contribution to the art world, said Oswalt.