Jakes gets top award for crisis intervention

JONESBORO — Clayton County police Sgt. Tracy Jakes has been honored as Crisis Intervention Officer of the Year.

Officer Phong Nguyen said Jakes was given the annual Joey Award from the National Alliance on Mental Illness and the Georgia Chapter Crisis Intervention Team.

“This honor is awarded to the law enforcement officer who possesses all the characteristics necessary to be an effective crisis intervention officer and always tries to use her CIT skills first in any situation,” Nguyen said.

Jakes meets that criteria and more, he said, assisting not only the citizens they are sworn to serve and protect, but fellow officers in crisis, as well.

“Jakes is the Clayton County Police Department coordinator for Crisis Intervention Team training,” Nguyen said. “She has successfully graduated five Crisis Intervention Team classes in the past year, which certified more than 100 officers.”

Nguyen said Jake’s belief in the program and her dedication to promote the training show she is committed to issues that are highlighted by National Alliance on Mental Illness.