Clayton resident named 2013 Outstanding Earth Science Teacher

HAMPTON — Clayton County resident Nancy Adgate was named Georgia’s honoree for the National Association of Geoscience Teachers 2013 Outstanding Earth Science Teachers program.

The honor is bestowed upon teachers who have made “exceptional contributions” to help increase interest among students in the earth sciences.

“It is such an honor to receive this award,” said Adgate. “To receive such a prestigious award means so much to me personally.”


Nancy Adgate

Adgate teaches at Dutchtown High School, where she is known as “the woman who loves rocks.”

She served as science department chair at Dutchtown Middle School from 2004 until she left to join the high school’s science department in 2009.

Adgate has been a part of various leadership teams and was a member of the host committee for the 2008 International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta.

The 20-year veteran educator’s passion for earth science began with her upbringing. She said her father was an environmentalist.

“I guess the apple didn’t fall far from the tree,” she said. “Throughout my life I wandered through the woods with him, collecting rocks, arrowheads, leaves and various nature items that he would point out.”

Adgate has since inspired another generation to pursue a similar path.

“My own son has become a geologist due to my influence, so the tradition continues,” she said.

Dutchtown High Principal Dr. Terry Oatts lauded her Adgate’s work.

“Nancy’s love for her content is infectious, and her students see her passion each day,” said Oatts. “Nancy is a science teacher’s science teacher. She is highly regarded by her peers within the geoscience community as evident by her selection to receive NAGT’s prestigious award.”