Motorcycle, truck collide in fiery crash

MORROW — Clayton County police said a motorcyclist is in critical condition with a skull fracture and brain injury after his bike collided with a tractor trailer truck Thursday night.

A Clayton County sheriff’s deputy reportedly clocked the motorcycle at 110 mph on northbound I-75 near Mount Zion Boulevard, said police. The bike crashed into the rear of a Volkswagen and then into the center wall.

Police said the bike went over the wall into the southbound lanes and into the path of a tractor trailer truck. The bike burst into flames, catching the truck on fire. The truck also collided into the center wall and flipped on its side.

The motorcyclist had fallen off his bike and remained on the southbound side of the interstate, said police. He was taken to an Atlanta hospital for treatment of a severe skull fracture and brain injury, said police.

Police said there were no other serious injuries.

The names of those involved were not released as of press deadline Friday.