Woman emotionless as she gets life without parole for killing mother

JONESBORO — A Clayton County Superior Court judge described a convicted killer as having a “chilling lack of remorse” for stabbing to death her mother last year in an argument over money and her eviction from the family’s home.

Judge Matthew Simmons followed the state’s recommendation and sentenced Takeyia Guthridge, 25, to life in prison without parole Friday morning. Guthridge was convicted Wednesday of killing Deloise “Dee” Adu, 44, in front of her stepbrother, Frank Adu.

“During the 911 call, she was completely dispassionate,” said Simmons. “There was no difference in her tone of voice than someone reporting an abandoned car at the end of the street. The operator asked her if her mother was breathing, could she tell if she was breathing? Did she want to try CPR? She just said, ‘Nope, I don’t wanna do CPR.’”

In the days leading up to the stabbing, witnesses testified that Guthridge repeated, “I’ll be happy when you’re dead” and “I wish you were dead.”

“It’s obvious she’d been thinking about it for a while,” said Simmons. “This is not a case where someone snapped, that it was done in an instant.”

Simmons said he was unsure if Guthridge had remorse or even the realization of what she’d done. He said he feared she would continue to be a danger to others if she was allowed parole.

“I don’t think anyone is safe if she’s released from custody,” he said. “I don’t think other members of her family would be safe. I would sentence her to life without the possibility of parole for the protection of society and the family.”

Simmons’ words echoed that of Clayton County Executive Assistant District Attorney Jason Green, who tried the case with Assistant District Attorney Brian Ross.

“She still doesn’t care that her mother is dead,” said Green. “She’s completely unfazed, completely unmoved. And the insult of insults, she testifies in court that they went to court and the next thing she knew the police were at the house.”

Prosecutors said Guthridge was angry because her mother had her evicted earlier that day from the family home. The two went to court and a judge ruled Guthridge had seven days to vacate the Jonesboro home. Just before Guthridge attacked her with a serrated kitchen knife, the two argued over gas money Guthridge was trying to get from her mother.

During that argument, according to Frank Adu’s testimony, the older woman accused Guthridge of being a lying, ungrateful daughter. When Guthridge took the stand, she testified simply that she took a nap and found her mother dead when she woke up.

Although Guthridge showed no emotion during either the trial or her sentencing, Adu’s sister, Jeanette Smith, and neighbor Sonja Casey mourned her loss. The two women agreed that justice was served.

“She has shown no remorse whatsoever,” said Smith. “It’s been just awful and it’s sad. We just take one day at a time. This has been the hardest on the family.”

It was to Casey’s house that Frank Adu fled after he found and witnessed his sister stabbing her mother. Casey agreed with the sentence.

“It was the right sentence,” she said. “We’re glad. She is without remorse. We’re glad it’s behind us.”