Jury selection starts Tuesday in barber’s shooting death

JONESBORO — Jury selection will start Tuesday in the April 2012 death of a barber shot when he walked outside to check on grilled chicken during a birthday party in Conley.

Clayton County police testified during a June 2012 preliminary hearing that John Goodrum was shot in the back when he was caught in the crossfire of acquaintances angry over an ongoing dispute.

Mashawn Anthonio Gresham, 28, of Riverdale, Kenneth Todd Gresham, 29, of Conley and Kenneth Lamar Gresham, 27, of Atlanta, are charged with multiple murder, aggravated assault and weapons violations in Goodrum’s death. The three defendants are related to each other.

Another alleged shooter, Keyon Butler, was shot in the hand but survived.

Clayton County police Detective John Gosart testified in June 2012 that Butler was not charged because it was determined he fired in self-defense.

The street shootout broke out about 10 p.m. during a birthday party on John Arnold Circle in Conley, said Gosart. Butler and Kenneth Todd Gresham, known as “K.D.,” had a previous altercation that erupted again during the party, he said.

Goodrum, who spent most of the party inside the house giving haircuts, had stepped outside only to get chicken off the grill when he was shot, Gosart said.

“He was hit in the back and the bullet went into the right side of his back and exited the right side of his chest,” he said. “He died at Grady.”

Gosart said Goodrum’s body was found in the street behind Butler.

Because the bullet exited Goodrum’s body, Gosart said there is no projectile to compare to and identify the gun used to kill him.

“I found three different brands of .40-caliber shells in two different locations at the scene,” he said. “The bullet that killed Goodrum was not found.”

Jury selection begins Tuesday morning in Clayton County Superior Court Judge Albert Collier’s courtroom. Clayton County Deputy Chief Assistant District Attorney Katie Powers is prosecuting the case.