Porter case going to Fayette County grand jury

Greg Porter

Greg Porter

FAYETTEVILLE — Clayton County police Chief Greg Porter could find out this month if he will have to fight racketeering charges.

Porter and his brother, Clayton County sheriff’s Deputy Robert Porter, were notified the day before Thanksgiving that the case against them will be presented in December before a Fayette County grand jury.

Greg Porter’s wife, Sabrina Porter, and a former court clerk, Katrina Hood, are also identified as part of the case involving alleged over-billing of Clayton County State Court. The brothers own consulting firms, Eagle Eye and Busy Body, that contracted in 2009 with DUI Court to provide home surveillance of probationers.

Clayton County Court Administrator Matt Sorensen said he and State Court Judge Linda S. Cowen discovered a discrepancy in June 2012 in the way Porter was paid in 2009 but Sorensen declined to be more specific, citing the ongoing investigation.

The allegation involves a $36,000 grant.

Both men, through their attorneys, maintain their innocence and have said the accusation is a misunderstanding.

Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson recused herself from the investigation, citing a full caseload. The case was taken on by Prosecuting Attorneys Council. PAC Executive Director Chuck Spahos said he couldn’t discuss why Fayette County, which is part of the Griffin Judicial Circuit, was chosen as the prosecuting venue.

“We believe we are presenting it to the proper grand jury,” he said Monday.

Because the brothers are law enforcement officers, they are entitled to 15 days notice of a grand jury presentment against them. They also have the right to address the grand jury, which the general public does not.

In July, in the middle of a yearlong investigation, Clayton County Board of Commissioners suddenly put Chief Porter on administrative leave pending the outcome of the case.

However, Porter returned after seven weeks, the investigation still incomplete.