STOVALL: The room your gifts will make for you

“Yes, you will be enriched in every way so that you can always be generous. And when we take your gifts to those who need them, they will thank God.” — 2 Cor. 9:10 (NLT)

Often when we quote the scripture in Proverbs that says: “Your gifts will make room for you and bring you before great men,” we seem to try and fit it into the context of spiritual gifts.

It’s like we are saying that our God-given abilities and our gifts of ministry will allow us to stand in great and grand places for God’s glory.

That may be true, but that is not the Scripture to use to justify that. Let’s take a look at Proverbs 18:16 with a different lens of perspective.

From the New Living Translation, Proverbs 18:16 says this: “Giving a gift can open doors; it gives access to important people.”

Upon further review, we see this is not a Scripture about spiritual gifts, talents and abilities. This a Word from God’s Word about the concept and benefits of being generous.

The short and sweet translation is this: Your generous, unselfish spirit and willingness to give will take you a long way.

Apostle Paul echoed these sentiments in the New Testament when he wrote to the believers in the ancient city of Corinth, praising them for their willingness to help contribute to the work of God financially, and reminding them of the proper spirit needed when giving as unto the Lord.

He didn’t give them a percentage to give. He didn’t browbeat them or threaten them about giving. Instead he reminded them of the vast benefits of generosity. In verse 10 he says that God will “provide and increase your resources and produce a great harvest of generosity in you.”

In other words, he said again what we’ve been seeing all week: The best and ultimate blessings of God are not found in the getting, but rather in the giving.

The prosperity preachers only have it halfway right. God does want us to walk and live in abundance. But He grants us abundance only when He knows that we won’t hoard it all for ourselves.

The power of our faith is that it increases when it is given away. The greatness of generosity’s seeds is that their harvest is multiplied each time it is shared.

Your giving is unto God, not to people. People are indeed the tangible recipients of your giving — and sometimes people will mishandle your kindness. Don’t let that hinder you from doing what God has commanded.

Your blessings are locked up in being a blessing. They are released when you release. Give for God’s Glory, and His glory will shower down on you.