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Morrow approves zoning for new recreation businesses

Laser tag and airsoft arenas headed for Southlake Mall area

MORROW — Families will soon have two new recreation options in Morrow.

The Morrow City Council voted Tuesday to approve conditional use zoning petitions for laser tag and airsoft recreation businesses which are slated to open next to Southlake Mall.

Cliftondale Group LLC, which owns Monkey Joes, 1395 Southlake Pkwy., wants to open the laser tag business next door to their existing business. A company official told council members they came up with the laser tag business as something to entertain children who have grown too old for Monkey Joes, but still have younger siblings who patronize that business.

Battle City Inc. wants to operate an indoor airsoft recreation arena in the old Sears Homelife building at the corner of Southlake Parkway and Southlake Circle. Airsoft recreation is similar to paintball, in which participants carry around airsoft guns which look like real guns, but are not lethal.

The guns shoot light pellets, but lack the force needed to penetrate a person’s skin.

Participants would be required to wear protective face masks and neckwear, a Battle City official told the council.

It is unclear when either business will be ready to open.