Hill case argued before Court of Appeals

By Kathy Jefcoats


ATLANTA — Oral arguments in Clayton County Sheriff Victor Hill's criminal case were heard Tuesday at the Georgia Court of Appeals.

Clayton County District Attorney Tracy Graham Lawson said the Hill appeal was the fourth case heard by the high court Tuesday. The Justices asked "barely any follow-up questions," making it impossible to tell if they were leaning toward one side, she said.

Hill was due to be tried on 32 felony counts last year. Clayton County Superior Court Judge Albert Collier dropped five counts last year at the request of a defense motion. Prosecutors appealed the decision, delaying the start of the November trial. Defense attorneys also appealed.

Hill was indicted in January 2012 on charges mostly related to his first term in office, 2005-2008. While under indictment, Hill was re-elected in November and re-took the office in January. He maintains his innocence and has vowed to be acquitted.

Hill faces years in prison if convicted on all charges and will be removed from office if convicted on just one felony.

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