In your Facebook! — Feb. 22, 2013

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BREAKING NEWS: The Georgia Secretary of State's Office confirmed it has opened an investigation into the residency of Clayton County Commission Chairman Jeff Turner at the request of the Clayton County NAACP “Secretary of State investigating BOC chairman's residency”

Paige Patton Turner: “Tell them to go ahead and check Sonna Singleton and Gail Hambrick ... This is the Clayton County NAACP President going after Jeff Turner because of Wole Ralph !!!”

Linda Ellis Ingram: “We get the best person in office Clayton County has had in years and look what happens NAACP what is your problem?”

Linda Ellis Ingram: “We have allot more issues here that needs dealing with than Jeff Turner. Please leave Jeff alone.”

Brenda McDaniel Timpson: “Every one knows where he lives. He doesn't make it a secret. I don't even live in the county. How stupid.”

Stephanie Johnson: “What about Victor Hill? Like the others said. Leave Jeff alone!!”

Lisa Pittman: “Get a life NAACP !!! Jeff is a good guy leave him alone !!!”

Marcus Pittman: “Jeff is not stupid! No way he would do something that would be anywhere near this! Folks, here we go again with a false ‘witch hunt!’ ”

Stephanie Johnson: “Even though this is about residency and Victor lives in the county. I agree there are a lot more important things to worry about in CC.”

Linda Ellis Ingram: “Jeff you have the support of the good people in Clayton County. If only The NAACP could stop causing problem. This county is going to hell and now this crap with the NAACP.”

Cathy Right: “You have my support Commissioner!”

Cathy Wright: “We have a sheriff w/felonies counts against him. WTH??”

Linda Ellis Ingram: “If the NAACP wants to do something in Clayton County get these dog owners to take care of their dogs. It sure would help the shelter and save tax money. How many times have you the NAACP done anything good to really help here? Why are you picking on a good person. The best police chief we have had in years and now you can't leave him along. Come to the animal control I will show you that help is needed here with some citizens that can't take care of their animals. Start there NAACP.”

Linda Ellis Ingram: “Come on citizens , people everywhere that knows Jeff. Let him know we support him.”

Jan Anderson Cook: “Good grief. Best not run for any office unless you want someone nosing around in your personal life. Get a life out there and leave Jeff alone.”

Nancy Carr: “Jeff Turner spoke to our neighborhood watch group in December. In his speech, he asked that residents go out to their friends, family and neighbors and ask that we promote Clayton County in a positive way. I don't see anyone else [besides Tracy Graham Lawson] in the county government doing this. MR. TURNER IS A AWESOME PERSON. WHAT HAS THE NAACP EVER DONE EXCEPT PROMOTE NEGATIVITY IN OUR COUNTY?”

Carol Cannon: “Fear of change and honesty make the individuals try their best to find anything wrong and attack that person. As far as I can tell, having talked with Jeff numerous times, he's HONEST and FORTHWRIGHT.”

Linda Ellis Ingram: “Why can't the News Daily report good things about Jeff. This paper is not the best.”

Dianne Woods: “Jeff, it was nice to see you again at swim competition. I see the same old [expletive] starting again. Hang in there. I agree with Lisa, NAACP needs to get a life.”

Sheriff of the United States of America: “I wish he'd cheated and run for Sheriff instead. But if he isn't eligible, he isn't.”

Linda Ellis Ingram: “The good people know jeff is a good man maybe the NAACP think they can't get things done their way here with a honest man in office. Hang in there Jeff.”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Good Help is getting hard to find, in the Clayton County Government. The NAACP needs to be booted from our county !!!”

UPDATE: We've got additional details on the investigation into Jeff Turner's residency, including when it was opened, and the section of state code Turner is accused of breaking. We've also posted a copy of the state's Complaint/Investigation Detail form with the story. “State investigating Turner’s residency”

Oscar DoubleAction Knight: “Another cliffhanger in Clayton County, Ga. Ha, Ha !!!!”

Linda Ellis Ingram: “The NAACP is a joke. Always causing problems. Jeff, all the good people in Clayton know you are the most honest person in office. Maybe that’s the problem with the NAACP.”

Susan Hurtado: “You finally get someone in there that can get Clayton County on the right track as it should be and then the NAACP always comes from behind. Clayton County is always drawn back from something. No wonder other areas are talking bad about Clayton County.”

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