Government crash course to hit Morrow

— How does the City of Morrow function from day-to-day?

That is a question for which city residents may soon get an answer. The town is preparing to launch a five-part, weekly nighttime information course, entitled Government 101, where residents will learn how different aspects of the city’s leadership operates.

Just call it Morrow After Dark.

Advertisements for the courses label it an “outreach program” designed to “foster emerging leadership through education” and “increase an understanding of the mission of the City of Morrow.”

Classes will be held Thursday from 6 p.m. until 8 p.m. beginning March 28, and ending on April 25. Different topics will be discussed each week.

Space is limited so advance registration is required. Residents can sign up for the program by calling 678-902-0885.

The class schedule includes:

• March 28 at City Hall, 1500 Morrow Road. Topics include “intro to city government” and “intro to council meetings and elected officials duties.”

• April 4 at the Morrow Police Department, 6311A Murphy Dr. Topics will include “intro to police department” and “intro to public works department.”

• April 11 at City Hall. Topics will include “intro to fire department” and “intro to Planning + Economic Development.”

• April 18 at the Morrow Center, 1180 Southlake Circle. Topics are scheduled to include “intro to municipal court,” “intro to administrative services department” and “The Morrow Center.”

• April 25 at the Morrow Tourist Center, 6475 Jonesboro Road. Topics will include “Opportunities to serve” and “Intro to MBTA.” A graduation reception also will be held for Government 101 participants during this session.