Suspects caught in mall shooting case

Victim remains in Grady ICU

Darius Hancock

Darius Hancock

MORROW — Morrow Police arrested the alleged gunman and two of his suspected accomplices involved in a shooting at Southlake Mall Monday.

Capt. James Callaway said Amos Williams, of Griffin, was shot multiple times on New Year’s Eve around 1 p.m., near the food court entrance at the mall, on the sidewalk near J.C. Penney.


Hernandez Sutton

Police arrested Darius Hancock, Hernandez Sutton and Darryl Griffin, all of Hampton, within eight hours of the shooting. Hancock, 17, Sutton, 18, and Griffin, 23, are all charged with aggravated assault.


Daryl Griffin

Callaway said Hancock was the shooter, using a .40-caliber pistol, which the captain said belonged to Griffin. All of the suspects were arrested in Hampton.

The getaway car, used by all three men, was a white late-model Lincoln Town Car, he added.

“We have the pistol and we have the getaway car,” Callaway said.

Callaway said the shooting was not related to any type of gang activity.

“From what I have seen, it does not appear that they were involved in a gang,” he said. “Because of the illegal activity the suspects were involved in, we are not releasing more details about the shooting.”

Police said Williams, 22, remains in the intensive care unit at Grady Memorial Hospital, following surgery.

“This was not a random act of violence,” said the police captain. “The person that was shot was the intended victim.”

Callaway said the shooting happened near a “closed down” department store. He said Southlake Mall is a safe place to shop.

“We have officers and private security at the mall,” he said. “It was because of the suspects’ own actions that precipitated the shooting. There a lot of evidence in this case that was located at the scene. We were grateful we could use the Clayton County Crime Scene Investigators to assist us.”

He said police found clothing, photos and shell casings at the scene of the shooting.