Clayton State names Michael Deis interim dean for College of Business

— Dr. Michael H. Deis, long time faculty member in the College of Business at Clayton State University, is serving as interim dean of the College of Business, beginning in January. 

He wants students to succeed and have an enriched, personalized, educational experience.

 As part of the University’s concept of “dreams made real,” Deis recently stated how proud he is to be able to work with an outstanding community of students, faculty, staff, and alumni.

He is confident that the College of Business will, “continue to assist students in becoming productive members of society, developing their intellectual curiosities, expanding their capacity for critical and reflective thinking, and developing an awareness of the needs of a global economy,” Deis said.

“The College of Business mission will include providing a student-centered environment, enriched by experience-based learning, active community service, and the use of technology to enhance student learning.”   

 Although Deis will now be serving in an administrative role, he said he feels he will always be a teacher.

Deis has taught at the middle school, high school, and college levels (16 years as a faculty member at Clayton State ), and in 2006 was chosen from the regional and state universities’ faculty to receive the University System of Georgia’s 2005/06 Excellence in Teaching Award.  

He also received the College of Business’ Professor of the Year Awards for 2002, 2005, and 2010, and University’s 2003 Alice Smith Award for the Faculty Member of the Year.

Deis was also the first director of the College of Business’ highly successful MBA program.

 Deis is a professor of Management and will continue to teach some classes, primarily strategic management and performance/ quality management.

 Deis said he is sincerely interested in each student and that he always had an open door policy. 

 “I want to bring out the best in all students. I want them to have fun, be motivated, and strive to succeed,” Deis said. “I care about the students, but, more importantly, I want them to care about others and themselves.” 

 Deis currently lives in Newnan, Ga., with his wife, Sandra, and her mother, Estelle, who is 106.   

 Deis encourages all individuals interested in the College of Business and its programs to contact him at MichaelDeis@clayton.edu.