Morrow juries new municipal lawyers

City attorney resigned amid city turmoil

By Jim Zachary


MORROW — The city of Morrow began the process of finding a new city attorney Tuesday evening.

City attorney Laurel Henderson resigned amid city turmoil last year as a city council in disarray attempted to discipline Mayor Joseph “J.B.” Burke.

Since that time, the city council has publicly backed off its efforts to take action against Burke.

After city leaders were accused of violating the city Open Meetings Act while holding a hearing considering allegations against the mayor, council members brought in an outside attorney, seemingly rejecting Henderson’s legal advice.

Henderson resigned her position as city attorney but has served as interim attorney since.

The mayor and council held public interviews to fill the position prior to Tuesday evening’s city council meeting.

Four law firms applies for the open slot.

Under consideration are:

• Greg Hecht, of Hecht Walker Attorneys at Law

• Steven Fincher, of Fincher Denmark and Williams LLC

• Robert Mack Jr. and Joe Harris, of Mack and Harris, P.C.

• Leigh Hancher and Jessica Whatley, of Whalen Law Firm.

The council did not give an exact timeline for filling the position but each member of the council and the mayor asked questions and graded the applicants independently.

The city did swear in John M. Defoor, II to serve as an associate Municipal Court Judge for the City of Morrow.

The Morrow Police Department recognized E911 dispatcher Kristy Supperer, Brandy Hick, Debbie Hunter and Roy Dunn for their service to the city under stressful circumstances.

Hanh Kim was presented a 5-year pin for her service as part of the city’s office staff.

The city fire department announced a FEMA Fire Act Grant in the amount of $28,635 with federal funds coming in at $27,204 and the city’s match only $1,431.