Pam Adamson re-elected as BOE Chairwoman

By Rachel Shirey


JONESBORO — The Clayton County Board of Education re-elected District 1 member Pam Adamson as its chairperson and District 6 member Mary Baker as its vice-chairperson Monday night.

The meeting began with nominations for both the chair and the vice chair positions. District 8 member Alieka Anderson nominated Adamson to serve a second term, whereas District 3 member Jessie Goree nominated District 9 member Charlton Bivins.

Goree said she nominated Bivins because of his proactive plans to secure a permanent superintendent and to improve board policies.

“All of us are qualified for either of the positions, it’s just that at this particular time I felt like we might need to change the leadership,” Goree said. “I just felt like we just needed a change with a different perspective.”

However, the board voted 5-4 for Adamson. Adamson and Bivins were unavailable for comment.

Likewise, Baker was renominated to serve as vice-chair by returning District 5 member Ophelia Burroughs. Goree nominated Bivins again following his loss as chairperson, but Baker won in a 6-3 vote.

Goree said she wasn’t disappointed in the final vote, but she was hoping to see a change.

Bivins served as vice-chairperson in 2011, but was outvoted a year ago when Baker took over.

According to the BOE website, “the chairperson shall be elected bi-annually at the January meeting by the board of education and shall be eligible for re-election to subsequent terms of office by a majority vote of the Board. The vice-chair shall be elected by the board annually at the regular January meeting and shall serve for the remainder of the calendar year.”

Prior to the chair and vice chair elections, Judge Pam Ferguson swore in new District 7 member Judy Johnson, and returning members Burroughs and Baker. All were surrounded by family and signed a document pledging their service and loyalty to the Clayton County school system.

New District 2 member Mark Christmas and returning member Goree were not sworn in Monday.

Former board members Trinia Garrett and Wanda Smith, who were not present, were recognized with plaques in appreciation of their service. Both served from 2009 to 2012.