Jonesboro excising previous tax vote?

City Council to reconsider stance on energy excise tax

— The Jonesboro City Council may change its mind on an energy excise tax it previously decided to stay out of, when it meets Monday.

The council voted to opt out of the tax on energy used in manufacturing last month after some councilmen expressed concerns it would drive businesses away from the city. The new tax was allowed under a law passed last year to phase out a similar energy sales tax.

The Clayton County Board of Commissioners has already decided to levy the tax across the entire county and its up to the cities to opt in to get a share of the proceeds.

The agenda for the council’s upcoming business meeting shows the council is expected to reconsider its stance and possibly take a second vote on opting in on the tax.

Even if the council reaffirms its previous decision to opt out of the energy excise tax, manufacturing businesses in the city will still have to pay the tariff since it’s already been approved by the county commission.

Several other Clayton County cities, including College Park, Lovejoy, Morrow and Riverdale have already agreed to opt in on the excise tax.

The agenda also includes consideration to give Mayor Joy Day permission to apply for a Community Development Block Grant to fund an unspecified project South Main Street.

Day could not be reached for comment Friday.

There are several other items on the agenda which council members may vote on. Those items include updating the badges used by Jonesboro police officers, picking a mayor pro tempore for 2013, approving the city’s 2013 holiday schedule and performing the formal reinstatement of employees for 2013.

Council members are also expected to consider the building of new sidewalks on Fayetteville Road and North Avenue.